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about us

IAO is founded in 17 oct 2019 and is a professional organization Recognized and Registered with Government and Semi-Government Authorities, further affiliations and recognition from the various organizations are in progress. It is a voluntarily organized forum of practicing advocates from across the globe, who seek to influence political / governmental decisions and policy to ensure the welfare and protection in all aspects of advocates in the interest of justice.

Our Mission

Empowering Advocates to fight for justice and also get acknowledge and recognition it’s the most deserving a place in the society as well as to be an integral part of Judiciary as Court officer.


Ensure all the advocates are wholly protected in all the aspects under the law and respected for their highest role in the society.


1. To establish a well-organized and strong organisation for all Advocates across India; including development of friendly environment.

2. To work for the welfare & security of all Advocates that includes exploitations & misuses of powers against Advocates by executive, Legislative & Judiciary bodies of the country.

3. To ensure providing resolutions for the problems and issues of Advocates after discussing with them & administration.

4. To organize seminars, sessions of training & social programs / meetings for the welfare and benefits of Advocates.

5. To get Advocate Protection Act enforced across India by Central and State Government & also help needy Advocates to get Arms license as well as gunner for senior Advocates for their safety.

6. To make better and appropriate system for sitting arrangement in court premises for all Advocates across India.

7. To get enforced a new law and order in favour of Advocate community through enactment or amendment of existing laws to be implemented stringently, as such all sort of crimes committed against Advocates would be treated as non-bailable, if bail is granted that would be only after hearing victim's statement, similar to that of SC / ST act, including Advocate Protection Act.

8. To ensure that an advocate after the age of 60 years, get Rs.10,00,000/- as retirement benefit and monthly family pension of Rs. 50,000/- at the time of retirement, with the help of Central and State Government of India.

9. To establish multiple ATM centres in the court premises across India.

10. To provide multi-speciality, in-patent and emergency medical facilities during court hours i.e., 10 am to 5 pm.

11. To ensure that new chambers with free Wi-Fi is to be provided in all the Court premises, where it is not available, with the participation of respective Sate and Central Government of India.

12. To provide paid internship for the Law Students.

13. To provide training to needy and newly enrolled Advocates to ensure the best scores in AIBE with 100 % success results.

14. To ensure medical facilities of Rs. 5,00,000/- lacs for all Advocates, his Wife and two kids under relevant Government sponsored scheme.

15. To bring in the radical change and ensure that all the members of International Advocates Organization will be treated equally to the position and facilities of States Minister.

16. To ensure 50% concessions in Railway and Air fare for all those enrolled respected Advocates who have 10 years of practice with participation of Sate and Central Government of India.

17. To ensure purified drinking water and hygienic canteens in court premises, under strict vigilance of court administration & respective bar associations.

18. To ensure that all the respected Advocates will have proper sitting arrangement during police station or jail visit in the process of providing legal assistance for their clients / prisoners.

19. To ensure that No FIR / No Arrest shall be affected without the due permission of IPS rank officer. If found guilty it shall be made mandatory for the police to take the permission of the Local Bar Association and State Bar Council.

20. Advocate colonies and societies will also be built all over the world through International Advocate Organization, for this the organization is working.

21. International Advocate Organization shall issue Vehicle Sticker/Green Card to the members of its organization so that the members of the organization cannot unnecessarily stop their vehicle while traveling all over India and will not face any inconvenience of any kind. Don't have to face.